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Imperial Sun Gemstone Bracelet

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Self-doubt is a special kind of hell. A small failure makes you question your abilities and, next thing you know, you feel like you aren’t good enough or smart enough to do anything. And that’s when you stop trying.

Every person will experience self-doubt in their life. It is normal. However, it should not consume you. When self-doubt starts to impact your life it has become a problem that needs to be addressed.

If you are suffering from self-doubt, there is a good chance that you are sabotaging the opportunities that you have in life. When you don't trust in your own abilities and lack confidence in yourself you will not be willing to step out and take risks in your life.

People struggling with self-doubt often have a feeling of being stuck. They might not like the situation that they are in, but they don't trust themselves enough to be able to step out into something new.

Self-doubt if left untreated often grows into other mental health issues. Many people begin to suffer from emotional instability, and they struggle with anxiety and depression. They have a difficult time making decisions and suffer from low self-confidence.

Imperial Sun Gemstone Bracelet was created to address this issue.

Smoky Quartz- a powerful grounding and balancing stone that shares an equally shady aesthetic. This is a crystal that enables you to see beyond what is often shrouded in life. Smoky quartz enhances your ability to relate to the concrete world because of its ties to your root chakra.

Sunstone- As an all-around chakra cleanser, Sunstone is an essential addition to healing grids because it clears and activates all energy pathways, helping increase the power of the other stones. The color of the Sun and its life-giving energy, Sunstone symbolizes hopefulness because even the darkest night will give way to a rising sun.

Moonstone- Moonstone is a creativity charm, and it rocks at bringing out your muse because it reminds you of the miracle of life and our vast universe of infinite possibilities. ”May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon gently restore you by night...”

Packed in our classic gift box. Please ask for a paper bag at remark column during checkout if this is a gift.

Size of gemstones: 8mm 

Note: Please allow 20-30% discrepancy in the product color due to lighting and monitor resolution (actual may appear darker/brighter). In such cases, the variance may not be considered as a defect.