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Sunny is Confident Gemstone Bracelet

RM 454.00

“When I created Sunny is Confident like the name itself I have an image of a confident woman going through all kind of challenges. Even though sometimes life may knock her down, she would regain her strength, stand up and fight gracefully.”- Hazelynn Executive Designer.

This bracelet focuses on our three chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. It works on our issue of survival, security, emotions, desire, power and attitude towards life.

If you are feeling emotionally and financially, working hard for your life just to get by, finding it hard to get intimately close with loved ones, feeling pessimistic about life and having low life force, this bracelet is for you.

This bracelets promotes security, grounding, acts as an emotional stabiliser and clears away negative thoughts patterns.

“One of my favourite stones, Sunstone is used in this design for bolstering a sense of self-worth and symbolises hopefulness because even the darkest night will give way to a rising sun.”

With the presences of Tiger Eye and Agate, this bracelet helps you to balance toxic emotions by keeping that mind razor-focused on your true desire, giving your strength to stop dreaming and start living.

Because the more productive you are, the more money you make!

Packed in our classic gift box. Please ask for a paper bag at remark column during checkout if this is a gift.

Note: Please allow 20-30% discrepancy in the product color due to lighting and monitor resolution (actual may appear darker/brighter). In such cases, the variance may not be considered as a defect.